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About Steel Structures Inc

STEEL STRUCTURES, INC. manufactures quality shop-built steel pressure vessels, atmospheric tanks and silos for storage of dry, liquid and gas products. With our post weld heat-treating oven, the largest of its kind on the West Coast, SSI can be your solution provider for almost any application requiring custom sheet and plate fabrication. Advanced tooling and production techniques, coupled with commitment to a rigorous Quality Control System, assure that all products meet customer specifications.

Materials and Coatings

To satisfy requirements for corrosive and non-contaminating service, we offer stainless, alloy or carbon steels with comprehensive coating capabilities, including FDA and NSF approved coatings. SSPC surface preparation, in our state-of-the-art garnet-blasting facilities, is an important step that assures high quality coating applications to provide lasting protection.

Engineering Services

Steel Structures Inc.'s exceptionally talented engineering staff has earned a solid reputation as innovative designers of steel storage systems; they are in-house, licensed professional engineers, with structural expertise and extensive design experience. Our design engineers, skilled with advanced computer aided drafting and design (CADD) software, will provide you with cost efficient storage. You also benefit from professional comprehension when your designs are specified and are looking for a quality fabricator to take your plans or conceptual ideas into economical, dependable structures for success. Design considerations may include such factors as seismic, wind and soil bearing loads in relation to supporting structures and foundations. In other applications: corrosion allowances, specific gravity, slosh effect and equipment loads may need to be addressed. Whatever your concerns, we will analyze and design to your specific requirements and environments.

Steel Structures, Inc.: Infrastructure, People, and Relationships

Since Steel Structures, Inc. moved to Madera, CA in 1980, the company has expanded four times. SSI added ASME, Section VIII Division I capabilities with automated processes to its facilities in the early 1980's. With the acquisition of adjacent facilities and expansion of their garnet-blasting and coatings facility, SSI became the leading diversified steel storage manufacturer on the west coast. The manufacturing plant now occupies 9 acres, in 4 buildings, with the ability to take on any major project requiring shop fabricated steel storage tanks, vessels, bins or silos, here on the west coast and beyond.

SSI's engineering staff has a combined experience of more than 70 years, with the company, in the design of hundreds of steel storage systems.

The experience and knowledge of our personnel is valued at SSI. To promote and maintain long term employment, the company sponsors a gainful pension and profit sharing plan that benefits the employees, the company and ultimately the customer.

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