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Custom Steel VERTILOKTM Bins

Custom Steel VERTILOK TM Bins
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Custom Steel VERTILOKTM Bins

Steel Structures’ VERTILOK™ Bin system is a custom multi-compartment steel bulk storage dry solution. This product was developed for use in batching, blending, and elevated truck load out storage operations in the agriculture, chemical, mining, plastics, petroleum, food processing, and water treatment industries. The multi-compartment systems are composed of custom wall panels fabricated at our facility, and easily assembled at the customer’s location.

Contoured wall panels are made of corrugated carbon steel or stainless steel and can be sized up to 12’ square each for easy shipment. One system may be 5 panels long, allowing for a maximum size of each bin is 12’ x 12’ x 60’. Each bin can hold up to 7,300 ft3 of material with a density between 20 and 145 lb/ft3 the amount of bins in a complex are limitless. The typical lead time for a custom designed system is 1-2 weeks for drafting, 2 weeks for engineering, and 8 - 12 weeks for fabrication and delivery. We understand the needs of our customers, and can design systems for any seismic zone. For more information about our custom VERTILOK™ Bin system, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Custom Steel VERTILOKTM Bin System Capability

Product Name VERTILOK Bins
Features Multi Compartment
Operations Batching
Elevated Truck Load Out Storage
Wall Panels Corrugated
Flow Characteristics Up to 7,300 ft³ (per compartment)
Media Weight 20 to 145 lb/ft³ Dry
Construction Materials Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Length Unlimited
Width Up to 12 ft
Height Up to 60 ft
Production Volume Unlimited
Typical Lead Time Drafting: 1 - 2 weeks
Engineering: 2 weeks
Turnaround: 8 - 12 weeks
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Additional Information

Industry Focus Agriculture
Food Processing
Industry Standards Current CBC
File Formats DWG, DWF, PDF
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